Bonnie is a Sydney-based photographer who has made her mark on the small and intimate fashion society there. During her time as a photographer she has worked for both the fashion enclave and the marketing population to deliver beautiful images finished with high-end image retouching. She boasts a multi-approach to her photography work specialising in Fashion and Editorial Photography.

 Her work has all the hallmarks of the crisp paper pages of European fashion magazines with her subjects perfectly poised in flattering lighting. They exude porcelain doll expressions which draw you in. Her line-up of captured beauties is more often females with an innocence and naivety that adds to their picturesque nature. Written deep into the subtext of her images, Bonnie has included a silent girls’ army philosophy where their inner-strength belies their outward fragility.

With subtle references to screen sirens and historical interludes, Bonnie’s work is intensely feminine and refined. Her personal retouching signature envelops her work to create artistry in the image and a subject that is familiar and comforting.  Bonnie cherishes the art of photography not for its highly potent infamy but for its artistic value and credentials.


|  For all collaboration and booking enquiries please contact: bonnie@bonniecee.com |


 Words | Brooke Renai Crow – garbedge.com.au


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